We are not going to tell you how good we are,

We are not going to give you a spill about how we can add value to your business in terms of Recruitment,

But we want you to tell us how good we are, how fantastic our service is, and that we have added value to your business

We were born in 2001, seen some bad times, and at the same time seen some fantastic times.

We breathe Recruitment, it's our passion, and the fact is we enjoy what we do,

And if we enjoy what we do, then surely it has an impact on the results we obtain for you as a client and candidate

Our main ethos is to exceed your expectations, if we do that, then we will pat ourselves on the back, as a job well done.

We genuinely enjoy talking to our clients and candidates.

Recruitment can be and is tough, finding the right balance of expertise and company camaraderie can be difficult, but with various resources and different mediums to our disposal we thrive on finding the right balance for you.

We have 10+ years plus experience in helping clients recruit for the best talent on the market, and at the same time finding the perfect candidate that fits your company profile and ethos,

We love permanent recruitment, that's what we do,

We have clients from many diverse backgrounds, SME's to Banking, to Retail to Co-operates, to IT to Telecoms, and everything in between, you are all special to us.

So we have got that out the way, lets start with a Hello, we would love the chance to work with you.

Please feel free to contact us

JAM Management Consultancy Ltd
Unit 1A Clanworks
Kent, BR1 3QJ

Tel: 0208 460 3050
Fax: 0208 460 3690

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